ANAF 284

ANAF 284

ANAF 284 Promo Film (2013)
ANAF Unit 284 had its humble beginnings with a Charter in 1946 and in 1947 the Charter Members purchased the former Japanese Fisherman’s Hospital which was originally located at 11900 No. 1 Road in Steveston.
The club was busy and growing and rolling along reasonably well until one evening in 1956 when the club was suddenly destroyed by fire. All looked glum however, the Ladies Auxiliary and membership through some very interesting means and endeavours kept the Charter alive and managed to reopen a new clubhouse in 1959.
Throughout the years ANAF Unit 284 continued its’ support through considerable donations to community organizations such as the George Derby Hospital, Richmond General Hospital, Variety Club Telethons, Steveston Community Centre, Salvation Army, Japanese Language School, also several cadet corps and squadrons in the Richmond area.
ANAF 284’s most recent contribution to the community and veterans at large occurred in July 2009 when the 284 Seniors Housing Society was formed to undertake the management of the development and construction of a 144 unit seniors independent living facility in conjunction with the new ANAF Clubhouse.
Directed by James E. Taylor,
Cinematographer Valeriy Orlov


Bluey TV film (2005)
Bluey, a homeless man, lives in a rickshaw and pedals the streets, seeking peace, and honoring a promise he made thirty years ago to his fatally wounded best friend in the jungles of the Vietnam war.
When Bluey comes across people in distress, from swarm victims to wealthy socialites, he helps them, while keeping his own Vietnam demons at bay.
Shot in Vancouver, BC, 2005.
Directed by James E. Taylor,
Cinematographer Valeriy Orlov,
Written and produced by Beau Daniels & Adam Fulford.

Commander’s Log

Commander’s Log (Promo) comedy-science fiction television show (2005)
Commander’s Log is a low-budget comedy-science fiction television show.
(In case you haven’t guessed.)Commander Craig-Scott of the Laundry Corps is thrust into command of his space ship when the senior officers die. With the help of Laundry Chief Blather, he stuggles to give his daily reports.
Directed by James Taylor,
Cinematographer – Valeriy Orlov.

Christmas Cowboy Sizzler

Christmas Cowboy Sizzler (2012)
In the small western whistle-stop that is Cactus Town, trouble’s a brewin’. The dastardly Mister Blister and his henchmen are looking to cause all manner of mischief and mayhem for the fine folk of Cactus Town and it seems no one and nothing can stop ’em… Save for the wish of a young boy named Jake and a hero; a yuletide desperado by the name of the Christmas Cowboy.
Directed by James E. Taylor,
Cinematographer Valeriy Orlov

Foxtrot Behind The Fence Documentary

Foxtrot Behind The Fence (2012)
Foxtrot Behind the Fence by Valeriy Orlov is a new documentary regarding rock music(rock culture) in the USSR during the Iron Curtain era (60’s – 70’s). The story based on real factors happened in Odessa and Moscow.
Idea, script, cinematography, post production by Valeriy Orlov.
Produced and directed by Valeriy Orlov.

Festival Of Voice 2013

Festival Of Voice in Richmond, BC, 2013
Annual Festival of Voice, 17th Anniversary Celebration was filmed at Gateway Theatre (Richmond, B.C.) by Valeriy Orlov (Taurus Video) on November 16, 2013.
Festival of Voice is a great celebration of many years of achievements. Former students and present students will enjoy the success and growth of this singing school. There is one more group that enjoys singing lessons at Ms Steele’s studio. For those adults or teens who need the therapy of singing… Ms Steele has achieved significant results. Her positive and loving attitude towards each of her students adds the extra magic to the school’s program.
Cinematography Valeriy Orlov